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Meet Theresa, Skid Row Housing Trust Resident

From sleeping on the streets and battling addiction to finding love and volunteering her time to help others, Permanent Supportive Housing has helped Theresa change the direction of her life. Learn how she uses her unique perspective and lived experience to advocate for housing for others. “I never thought that I would be speaking publicly about something that matters,” she shared. “I’m not politically correct. I’m just real about it. People are dying; we need housing.”

Meet Andrew – Skid Row Housing Trust Resident

Andrew has come a long way since this first night in his home when he was filled with fear after having spent his entire adult life incarcerated. At the Trust, Andrew found a supportive community with low-barrier access to programs and services which foster dignity, wellness, and connection. It is the foundation on which people can build healthy, more stable lives. In this video, Andrew opens up about his past, his journey to wellness and personal growth, and his desire to pay it forward. He shares, “I go to bed the same way I wake up—happy. All I want to do is give back.”

Meet James – Skid Row Housing Trust Resident

Years of housing insecurity after returning home from service in the U.S. military had taken its toll on James’ mental health. But thanks to the community and programs that he found at the Trust, James is starting to thrive. He explains, “I used to be a pretty shy person, but I’ve been coming out of my shell a lot more.” In this video, James shares his story and describes how having his own home has made him feel more stable, confident, and empowered in his decisions.

AIA I Look Up Film Challenge: 2017 Winner

Los Angeles has the highest number of unsheltered people in the country. The Skid Row Housing Trust in downtown Los Angeles provides not only housing for the homeless but innovative solutions to keeping them off the streets. In 1989 The Skid Row Housing Trust began restoring and preserving single room occupancy housing in the downtown area. Currently, the Trust focuses on new construction projects while collaborating with renowned architects including Michael Maltzan Architecture, and Brooks + Scarpa Architecture. By utilizing design techniques to provide natural lighting, open courtyards, and semi-public spaces, the Trust fosters a sense of community within its buildings. Residents have the option to attend various job training, mental health, and art classes throughout the buildings, which help the tenants transition from living on the streets. With the use of intelligent building design, community classes, and wrap around health services, The Skid Row Housing Trust offers effective solutions to fighting homelessness with a proven track record. The portfolio of buildings that the Trust owns is steadily expanding, using a model that can be replicated in any city.

Thanks to Myles Kramer for this video that captures the essence of Skid Row Housing Trust.

Snow in LA

Snow is a resident of Skid Row Housing Trust in Downtown Los Angeles. She is one of the most gentle, fearless, caring people you may ever meet. After a cancer diagnosis, she lost her job of over twenty years and ultimately lost her home when no one would hire her due to her lack of diversity in work experience and her disability. Snow was eventually referred to Skid Row Housing Trust’s Star Apartments where she is writing a new chapter in her life in a supportive Trust community. She is just one of the more than 1,800 residents who has found a safe, dignified, home with us and a reminder that anyone – absolutely anyone – can experience homelessness.

25th Anniversary Film

The Trust has is celebrating its 25 year anniversary. This film features the work we do, some of the residents we serve, and our philosophy. Please take a moment to watch this film and get to know us a little better. Housing First: Homes. Support. Success.

Good Design is For Everyone: The Evolution of Low Income Housing in L.A. (KCET)

Weekly Vote Winner: KCET Artbound’s editorial team has reviewed and rated the most compelling weekly articles. After putting two articles up for a vote, the audience chose this article to be made into a short-format documentary.

25th Anniversary Short

A short version of our 25th Anniversary film. Thank you to everyone who has made our past 25 years possible. Permanent Supportive housing is a solution to homelessness!

Myths and Facts of Homelessness

In a film by LMU students, Skid Row Housing Trust residents dispel some of the myths about homelessness and homeless people.


Working My Way Back – Paul Mitchel

Paul Mitchel, former resident of the Olympia Apartments, talks about being homeless and shows where he used to live.

Finally, I have arrived – Karen Burton

Karen Burton, former resident of our Abbey Apartments tells her story of overcoming drug addiction and homelessness.

That’s the building I want to move in – Tony Osborne

Tony Osborne, resident of the St. George Hotel Apartments and one of our ambassadors, tells his story of loss, addiction and recovery

A Star Apartment Being Hoisted In Place 1 10 13

5 Minutes! Thats how long it takes to stack a new apartment in place at the Star Apartments. This is a very cool video of one of the Star Apartments – being hoisted into place! It has only been 36 days since the first apartment was lifted up to its final home. Of the 102 new apartments, only a handful are left to be stacked! The hand held video is less than 5 minutes long. Enjoy and please share!

New Resident Boot Camp

Created by residents and for residents, the Trust’s New Resident Boot Camp is designed to give new residents an introduction to living in a Skid Row Housing Trust building. This is a candid – unscripted look at life from the only perspective that counts – our residents.

Community Suppers & Volunteering

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