Housing Development

HOMES: When everyone is housed, everyone does better.

Skid Row Housing Trust began 30 years ago with the goal of acquiring and preserving low-income housing in downtown Los Angeles. We then began converting single room occupancy apartments into high-quality homes for the area’s lowest income, disabled, and homeless individuals.

As our response to the crisis of homelessness grew, Skid Row Housing Trust started investing in new construction with fully integrated spaces for health and social services on-site. These new buildings embraced the concept of design equity, creating spaces that are not just successful as permanent supportive housing, but are also beautiful architectural additions to the community, demonstrating low-income housing as a community asset.

Skid Row Housing Trust continues to partner with visionary architects and designers as well as leading researchers in the health and social services sphere to create attractive and functional buildings that enable individuals to live safe and stable lives in wellness.

These are just some of the projects in construction and in development from our entire pipeline portfolio.

For more information on Housing Development, please contact Sierra Atilano, Chief Real Estate Officer: email hidden; JavaScript is required