Heath Helps the Homeless

C Magazine: Longing to replace your tired tableware with some new Heath, but aren’t sure what to do with what’s currently in your cupboard? In a few days, you’ll be able to buy pieces from the classic California ceramic company (at a discount!) and help Southern Californians in need.

Investing on the inside too

LA Times: he Charles Cobb, designed by the Pasadena architecture firm Kivotos Montenegro Partners Inc., opened in early April to provide apartments for chronically homeless and disabled people. It was built by the Skid Row Housing Trust for $13.1 million and includes first-floor offices for healthcare, case management and other services — a combination known as supportive housing.

New Carver Apartments

Architect Magazine: At six stories tall, the New Carver Apartments doesn’t exactly tower over the Santa Monica Freeway that zips past its windows. Yet the drumlike structure is impossible to miss, even at 65 miles per hour. Los Angeles–based architect Michael Maltzan’s design is as formally iconic as the cylindrical Capitol Records building, which makes the fact that it was built for one of L.A.’s neediest populations—the chronically homeless—even more surprising than the novel architectural expression.