Health and Social Services

Support for Life


The Trust firmly embraces, both in philosophy and in practice, the belief that everyone needs to first be housed and then offered opportunities and support to reclaim their vibrancy, connection and contribution to their community. Our housing is not offered on conditions but on the premise that everyone deserves to be housed and that each person has their unique and distinct path to wellness and well being.

Housing First 

The primary method for carrying out our beliefs is the evidence-based practice of Housing First. The approach states that housing is the first step in ending the cycle of homelessness and its essential elements include:

  1. Securing funding that is specifically aimed at reaching individuals who are chronically homeless, disabled and experiencing multiple vulnerabilities;
  2. Moving people directly from the street or emergency shelters into housing without preconditions of treatment or compliance;
  3. Offering robust, client-centered planning and support services that include case management, on-site access to medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, benefits advocacy and community building; and
  4. Providing each person with an individual lease and all tenant protections under the fair housing law. The Trust also firmly advocates and supports harm reduction, in which there is no abstinence requirement or mandate for any resident in order to move into housing.

While not mandating recovery, we do offer multiple opportunities that support a resident’s commitment to recovery if they choose, including- but not limited toemploying staff in recovery, hiring staff certified in recovery, recovery support groups, individual support, and access to treatment that includes arrangements to help residents maintain housing while in treatment.

To ensure that our philosophy remains at the forefront of what we do daily, the services staff developed the following set of core values to guide our work: 

We are RESPECTFUL when we listen with an open mind, embrace multiple perspectives and invite differences.

We are ACCOUNTABLE when we follow through on our responsibilities, access our strengths and acknowledge our mistakes.

We are COMPETENT when we seek out opportunities to grow, encourage new thinking and evaluate our progress.

We carry out our work with EMPATHY – listening, bearing witness and aspiring to greater understanding.

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