Leadership in Housing,

Commitment to Community


  • 26 buildings in Los Angeles County
  • 24 of those buildings are in Downtown Los Angeles and are a mix of remodeled Single Room Occupancy Hotels (SRO’s) and new construction to better meet the needs of new residents.
  • As of 2020, 3 more buildings are currently in construction on 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. 254 people will soon move off the streets and into these new communities.
  • 2 buildings – the Star Apartments that is completed and Six Four Nine Lofts that’s currently in construction – house and will house community clinics run by the Department of Health Services and the LA Christian Health Centers, respectively. This provides the community with clean, dignified, welcoming, and professional spaces to come to for primary care, mental health, and linkages to housing and supportive services that will ultimately help more people exit homelessness and move into permanent homes.
  • In our more than 30 years of service to the community, the Trust currently has nearly 2,000 people who call a Trust building their home, and thousands more who have passed through these buildings on the way to more independent living.
  • Average of a 90% retention rate of people who have stayed in their new homes in the first critical year after they have exited homelessness. Approximately 2/3 of Trust residents are chronically homeless before they move in, and 90% report suffering from one or more disabling conditions.
  • The Trust developed the first modular building in LA (Star Apartments) since the 1970’s, which has helped lay the groundwork for more prefab and modular buildings in the City of Los Angeles.

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