Skid Row Housing Trust’s philosophy is simple:

Homes. Support. Success.

Snow holds a photo from her days of traveling and adventures before she fell ill and lost her job.

“After I got cancer, I lost my job of twenty-two years…I slept on cement steps and in the back of someone’s car…When I moved into my own apartment I thought, I’m in heaven.” ~Snow, a Trust resident

The Trust ends homeless by providing homes that are affordable coupled with the help needed to permanently break the cycle of homelessness.  Our residents come to us often grappling with substance abuse, mental illness and complex co-occurring disorders and have experienced years and sometimes decades of homelessness.

While Trust residents are united by their experience of overcoming homelessness, they come from every walk of life and background. We provide housing for people living with disabilities, artists, elders, counselors, veterans, chefs, gardeners, young adults, volunteers, and community leaders.

It is the Trust that provides the structures, but it is the residents who make our buildings homes and communities. Whether it is cooking a meal for neighbors or holding the door for another resident, our residents’ generosity and goodwill breathe life into our buildings.

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