Our Leaders

Joanne Cordero

Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Staff

Joanne Cordero is a highly engaged, effective leader and a catalyst in creating, rebuilding, and advancing organizational strategies. With over 30 years of experience within financial and real estate services, mortgage lending, and financial non-profits, Joanne aims to implement new housing-focused strategies at Skid Row Housing Trust to keep those most at risk of becoming unhoused in their homes. In her role as Chief of Staff, Joanne deploys revenue diversification strategies, supports corporate services performance, programs, and initiatives, and strengthens risk management oversight, controls, and response.
Before joining SRHT, Joanne served as COO of a non-profit, an industry-leading financial education and services provider, and a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Among her corporate services and operational leadership responsibilities, she co-led efforts in the execution and ongoing management to develop, deploy, and maintain the Central Processing Center for the State of California’s Keep Your Home California $2B mortgage assistance program under the U.S. Treasury’s Hardest Hit Program. Over the years, Joanne has served on several industry-related panels, including USFN, MBA, and REOMac. She has been a Board member of Laura’s House, a shelter and services organization for victims and families of domestic abuse, and the President of a local chapter of the National Charity League, providing community-philanthropic services.

Nadia Litovskaya

Chief Financial Officer

Nadia’s experience living in affordable housing with her family inspired her to seek a career in real estate, and the homelessness crises drove her interest in Skid Row Housing Trust. Nadia’s knowledge and financial acumen across various portfolio types allowed her to understand and build on the complexities of a mission-focused organization like the Trust. Her utmost goal is to be a part of a mission, which supports dignity and strength by providing housing to those in greatest need.
In her role as Chief Financial Officer, Nadia is responsible for the financial performance and ongoing financial health and regulatory compliance of the organization and real estate portfolio. Nadia develops financial and investment strategies for the organization and supports the Trust with continuous asset preservation and growth.
In her prior role as Vice President of Asset Management at the Trust, Nadia led development and implementation of strategies to achieve optimal returns for the current Trust portfolio of Permanent Supportive Housing. She ensured compliance for various programs including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Tax Credit Allocation Agency (TCAC), and other regulatory agencies.
Nadia has over 14 years of experience in Property, Asset and Portfolio Management in both for-profit and non-profit industries. Nadia started her career in banking, which gave her a specific interest in financial management. She then went on to oversee and improve performance of over $1B in assets of permanent supportive and affordable housing, commercial, and mixed-use portfolios, while continuing her passion and search for a more mission-focused organization, which she found with Skid Row Housing Trust. She also has a Degree in Finance and Real Estate and continuously works on improving her knowledge of regulatory, financial, and legislative changes to continue to support the organization in these complex and challenging times.

Mike Alvidrez

External Ambassador

CEO Emeritus

Having devoted 28 years to ending homelessness with Skid Row Housing Trust, 14 of those years as Executive Director then Chief Executive Officer, Mike continues to serve the Trust following his retirement in a newly created External Ambassador role. He continues to promote the work of the Trust’s affordable and permanent supportive housing services as an evidence-based solution to breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Mike is an advocate of Housing First, an innovative strategy that prioritizes the security of a permanent home as the first step to ending homelessness. Thanks to his hands-on experience, he pioneered the development of permanent supportive housing to help those facing the toughest challenges to obtaining stability and wellness.

During his tenure, the Trust has become a nationally recognized provider of permanent supportive housing that is on the forefront of building and program design. By creating beautiful, dignified buildings with on-site support services, the Trust alters both how people view our residents and how our residents view themselves.

A native Angelino with a Master’s degree from UCLA’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Mike previously worked for Community Corporation of Santa Monica. In his spare time Mike is an avid gardner, cyclist, and enjoys pickleball.

Mia Jackson

Vice President, Property & Asset Management 

Mia began working in affordable housing at The Bedford Group, a Los Angeles-based developer & builder. It was here that she developed a passion for housing and its nuances through supporting the development of over 1,000 units of low-income housing during her tenure. As a single mom of a young child, this experience was formative in her understanding of the importance of access to quality affordable housing. Mia continued honing her development and project management skills at companies like Guess?, Inc. and Boos Development, a retail developer in Orange County that serves clients like CVS and Jiffy Lube. 
Mia has over 20 years of affordable housing, development, and property management experience. Most recently, she was the Associate Director of Operations and Asset Management at LAHSA, where she provided leadership, strategic planning, and supervision of day-to-day and long-term operational functions of the facilities, logistics, fleet, and legal operations divisions of the agency. As the first person to serve in an Asset Management role at LAHSA, Mia created the departmental structure within the agency, providing oversight of its assets by drafting & implementing new policies, processes & procedures and building a team to support the same.
In her role as Vice President of Property Management at Skid Row Housing Trust, Mia is responsible for overseeing the Trust’s property management division, including resident relations and high-level administrative operations. She works closely with Asset Management and Real Estate Development on compliance and development matters and collaborates with Property Management staff to support residents in all aspects of their tenancy. 
Mia is a big fan of superhero movies and enjoys watching Jeopardy with her two children.

De Andre Comers

Vice President, Health and Social Services

Originating in Compton and now residing in South Central Los Angeles, De Andre “Dre” Comers has personally witnessed how drug addiction is a symptom of destabilization in low-income communities. Losing both of his parents to addiction has motivated Dre to expand his focus to those suffering from substance use disorders and experiencing homelessness within Los Angeles. His passion for serving others brought him to Skid Row Housing Trust after returning home from Shanghai China, where he taught English, trained local teachers, and played arena football.

As the Director and Interim VP of Health and Social Services at the Trust, Dre provides strategic vision, strong leadership and expert program and project development necessary to ensure quality health and wellness services to the resident community.  Overseeing a team of Directors, Program Managers and social work professionals that support residents with intensive case management, Dre is committed to maintaining the satisfaction of both residents and staff.

Dre has always been dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of social systems and their impact on Black communities. He studied Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and worked in the juvenile justice court system while also mentoring youth in the community to develop their professional skills. Outside of the office, Dre enjoys audio engineering and recording, motorsports, exercise, and writing poems.

Staff and residents at the
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