Transforming the Past

We’ve partnered with The Order, a Downtown Los Angeles tattoo parlor, to offer free tattoo cover-ups to Trust residents. Tattoos, particularly those gained in prison, can be lasting reminders of a painful past. By transforming tattoos that are a source of stigma and shame, a cover-up can represent redemption, acceptance and hope. Kenneth, a Peer Advocate at the Trust, was the first to visit The Order for a tattoo cover-up. Now a mentor who teaches creative writing to residents, Kenneth received the tattoo while incarcerated. Kenneth was proud of his transformed tattoo by the end of the process, lighting up the whole room with his smile.

Read more about the partnership in LA Downtowner.


Kenneth’s tattoo before and after The Order’s cover-up.

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  1. Kenneth Davis
    Kenneth Davis says:

    Thank You to my Skidrow Housing Trust Family, and our new partner The Order Tattoo Parlor. Who gave me an amazing experience, with the covering up of a 20 yr.old prison tattoo. Master body art practitioner Casey, is phenomenal at his craft. I am a new man now, I can now fly into destiny. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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