New Exercise Equipment and Fitness Classes

In an effort to support the ongoing health and well-being of residents, the Trust installed exercise equipment last month along its raised running and walking track at the Star Apartments. Residents and staff are starting fitness classes to take advantage of the new equipment, which was funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.


Fit and Defense Class– Free public class!

Resident Services Coordinator Carlos Grayson recently launched a fitness and self-defense at the Star Apartments every Tuesday at 6pm, and it is open to the public! The class teaches participants how to become more aware of their surroundings, evade and combat attackers, and get in shape at the same time. Carlos is a personal trainer, an award-winning body builder, and has been practicing martial arts since he was young. He is excited to share his knowledge to help the Trust community get fit and stay safe at the same time. If you would like to participate, email email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Walking and Stretching Class

Resident Services Coordinator Tootsa Coghlan is developing weekly exercise regimens that promote health and wellness. Aimed at residents who are new to fitness and nutrition, the class will be part physical and part educational. Participants will be guided through daily stretching, walking and exercise routines at the Star, and taught about lifestyle choices that generate good health. Weekly themes will include the muscular-skeletal system, full-body awareness, benefits of vitamin D, heart disease, and mood disorders.

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  1. Alan Kaye
    Alan Kaye says:

    I look forward to teaching yoga to everyone in your area. Waiting to hear back from your team. In peace.

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