Mike Alvidrez

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Alvidrez is the Chief Executive Officer of Skid Row Housing Trust, a nonprofit that has been preserving, developing, and managing permanent supportive and affordable housing to prevent and end homelessness for more than 25 years. Mike is an advocate of Housing First, an innovative strategy that prioritizes the security of a permanent home as the first step to ending homelessness. Driven by hands-on experience working in Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood, he pioneered the development of permanent and supportive housing to help those facing the toughest challenges to stability and wellness.

Mike joined the Trust as a Project Manager in 1990, one year after the company was founded to preserve affordable housing in Downtown Los Angeles. In 1995, Mike led the effort to create the Trust’s Property Management Company to better assist formerly-homeless residents who struggle to stay in housing. Mike became Executive Director for the Trust in 2004. During his tenure, the Trust has become a nationally recognized provider of permanent supportive housing that is on the forefront of building and program design. By creating beautiful buildings with on-site supportive services, the Trust alters both how people view our residents and how our residents view themselves.  Under Mike’s leadership and guidance, the Trust has set the standard for providing homes and improving the quality of life for our most vulnerable neighbors.

As an advocate for affordable and permanent supportive housing, Mike prioritizes sharing the strategies and solutions the Trust has developed. He is active within the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing, Housing First Conference, and National Alliance to End Homelessness, and leads the Trust’s participation in numerous coalitions. Working with a wide variety of local business and community groups, Mike endeavors to bridge divides so that the entire community can focus on implementing real, proven, and lasting solutions to homelessness.

A native Angelino with a Master’s degree from UCLA’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Mike previously worked for Community Corporation of Santa Monica. In his spare time, Mike is an avid gardener and cyclist.